Monday, July 12, 2010

Victoria fine china, made in Bohemia - tea set

This is the only cup, saucer and bread and butter plate from this tea set that came to us from Max's mother's estate.  The cup is very small and light.  It is 7.8 cm in diameter, and 6.5 cm in height.  The colour green is dull and lifeless, rather reminds me of Palmolive soap in the 1950s, or green lead paint.
The maker's mark says Victoria Fine China, and in the brown blob in the middle is a crown and "Made in Bohemia".   I found a website, Ginni's Bohemian, Czechoslovakian & Ceský Factory Marks which lists "Victoria" Schmidt & Co, but no sample of this particular mark. I've emailed Ginni with some photos and hope she can make some comments on the age of the tea set. 

The bread and butter plate has a nice shape.

I'm wondering whether this is another 1913 wedding gift for Floris and Fred Brown.  I must say the mark looks more modern than the others on Ginni's website, but I wait to see if I hear from Ginni.


  1. how do i send you a pic of my piece of victoria fine china

  2. I was wondering if we have managed to date (Victoria fine china, made in Bohemia - tea set) yet ??