Friday, July 9, 2010

Alfred Meakin Coffee Pot and Jug

The jug and coffee pot are Alfred Meakin, pattern unknown at this stage, and the maker's mark appears to suggest that the china was made 1945+.  (See the link to the maker's marks on the right.)  These two items were recently purchased in a well known local boutique.
I was unsure about what the jug was for, I thought originally it was too large for a milk jug, but now I wonder if it is a breakfast set, with a large milk jug for cereal?  Does anyone know?

 The maker's mark, denoting production 1945+ according to the Antiques and Dynasties website.


  1. Or maybe just a pattern where you could buy the pieces you like - ie the two are not meant to go together. But brekkie sounds good - coffee and cereal with milk.

    Nice blog coming up, bu the looks

  2. Another website suggests a hot water jug. I'm not sure that would be typical with a coffee pot. Don't know, may not be a matched pair, as you say.

  3. They may have made a similar one for a hot water jug - but I take it they were meaning a ewer, as in a basin and ewer for ablutions in a bedroom. That would be much bigger, but could be confused on a website if they don't give any dimensions. You do here, by using the coffee pot as a scale. I don't think coffee pots come in a size taller than a ewer.

    But if you just put up the photo of the jug, without a scale or dimensions, I could be tricked into thinking it was a ewer.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Yes, I've realised that I need something to give a scale, and would also like to re-photograph in daylight. I've also managed to make the items look more squat than they actually are. I was thinking hot water jug with reference to tea making - for those who like weak tea.

  5. It is a milk jug . It is part of the complete set. I have my mothers it has a breakfast, tea, coffee & serving dishes. I have about one hundred pieces in my mothers set.

  6. Hi,
    I am looking for this setting of Alfred Meakin Azaelea Pattern. I have some bowls and a milk jug and a sandwich plate. If you have any for sale let me know.