Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Argos pattern dinner plate

This is the plate I know least about.  Max liked the look of this in an antique shop around 30 years ago.  It has no maker's mark, but it does have the pattern stamped on the back.

It is a quite heavy plate.  The pattern is in black, terracotta, and a dark yellow around the rim.  Because the rim of the plate is still in good condition and glossy, the yellow can look a bit like a gold edge.

A whole setting in this pattern would have looked very impressive.  The glaze is only a little crazed, but I can't guess it's age.

Further to Tansleyandtansley's remarks, Thomas Fell & Co was a well-known Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland pottery firm supplying the North-east of England and the Baltic Trade with their domestic Dinner and Teawares. They opened in 1817 and closed in 1890.

The plate would seem to date to the late 1880s or 1890.


  1. Hi, your plate was made by Thomas Fell & Co, Newcastle Upon Tyne, around 1890. I just bought a set of 5 plates and two tureens in this pattern, some of the pieces are marked with F&CO and some aren't!

  2. Gosh, thank you Tansleyandtansley! I am ashamed to say I have only just noticed your comment. I've changed the comments setting to moderated so I do notice them. Thank you for the information about Thomas Fell & Co, I will have a look at them.